Sugar Freedom Collective

Kick sugar cravings, build healthy eating habits, and ditch emotional eating once and for all! 



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Ready to build a healthy relationship with sugar so you can feel free and healthy in your body?

You're ready to discover how incredible it feels to be FREE from sugar cravings.

You want to feel healthy in your body.

You're DONE with yo-yo dieting and are ready to make a lasting change in your emotional connection to food.

But maybe you're NOT fully ready to go off sugar yet...

You're in the right place!

Our community is a safe and supportive space for women just like you to come together support one another on the bumpy road to sugar freedom! Getting through sugar addiction is one of the hardest (and most life changing) things we can do. Being supported in a community is VITAL for our lasting success. And that's exactly what the SFC is all about!

Tired of struggling on your own only to constantly slip back into old patterns and habits? 

Look no further! Our community is loaded with resources, support, accountability, motivation and everything else you need to get back in control of your relationship with sugar FOR GOOD! 

AND you DON'T have to give up sugar to join us!!!


What IS the Sugar Freedom Collective (SFC)?


"Sugar controlled me and was something I consumed for everything- every celebration, to fill emotional voids and all the spaces in between. I noticed a huge difference in my energy, cravings and even the way my body looked after just a week going sugar-free! I am now in month 4 of being sugar-free and it’s become SO easy and my body is thriving! I’m excited to continue my journey with this group and have their support. "

Amy, SFC Member

What's included in your membership?


A supportive community of women all on the journey to sugar freedom & better health.


Get instant access to the HUGE recipe library full of mouth watering whole food recipes.


As you cut back on sugar, you'll notice a dramatic change in your energy every day.

"Being a member of Sugar Freedom Collective has been informative, educational, inspiring, and motivating! It’s a supportive group for me and a place to learn and grow nutritionally, mentally and physically. I love this group!"

Joslyn, SFC Member

Meet the health experts

Every month we host a LIVE interview in our community with a new expert in all areas of health and wellness. These interviews will be a time for each of us dive deep, learn from a trusted source, and get personalized advice and answers. Just another bonus of being a member.

Chantal – Holistic Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Consultant

Chantal is passionate about awakening and reclaiming the sacred feminine, creative Shakti power within us all. Her desire is to empower women with practical wisdom.

Matty Lansdown – Scientist and Nutritional Therapist

After 10 years of study, research and experimentation Matty has become a prolific voice in the health, nutrition and diet space including food is medicine, weight loss and human optimization.

Lisa Michaud – Success Coach and Speaker

Lisa's expertise lies in teaching her clients how to create the right goals, habits, and opportunities that allow them to achieve and live multidimensional success. 


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