~ 3 Part Workshop Series ~

Discover the powerful 3 step process to build healthy eating habits and curb sugar cravings for good!

🍫 Ever turn to food for comfort?

🍫 Have intense sugar cravings on a daily basis?

🍫 Find yourself searching the cupboards looking for a snack when you aren’t really hungry? 

You're not alone!

We've been raised in a society where we are ENCOURAGED from childhood to use food to help us sooth uncomfortable emotions.

Think about it...

The first time you fell down and scraped your knee, your parents probably said "It's OK, let's go get some ice cream to make it all better!"

Right at that moment, you learned to stop crying (or screaming) and to use food for comfort.

Now, all these years later, this old subconscious pattern still exists and it's catching up with both your waistline and your overall health!

This DEEP rooted connection between uncomfortable emotions and food is WHY kicking the emotional eating habit takes more than just willpower to overcome.

Which is exactly WHY I've created this POWERFUL 3 part workshop to share the EXACT 3 steps that I've used for myself and my clients to help them finally put an end to reaching for the cookies or ice cream on a bad day!


👉🏼 Find yourself reaching for sweets or junk when stressed or bored

👉🏼 Snack throughout the day and often feel guilt afterwards

👉🏼 Experience strong sugar cravings on a daily basis 

👉🏼 Want to finally have healthy eating habits that feel easy to stick with

If you relate to at least ONE of these, then this workshop series is for YOU! 

 Over the past 4 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women build a healthy relationship with sugar, food, and their bodies. In this time, I've noticed ONE single theme among all of my clients ---->

They all used food for emotional comfort and THIS was the single habit keeping them back from reaching their health goals!!!

And this is why I KNEW I had to create a powerful workshop where I could share the 3 very SIMPLE steps that anyone can use to kick stress eating and sugar cravings for good!


 I whole heartedly believe, that you already know what you want and need to do to feel healthier in your body. You DO NOT need more tips, advice, or information.

You're just missing the guidance, accountability, and CLARITY on which steps to take next.

Which is why I've designed this WORKSHOP SERIES TO BE DIFFERENT than any online workshop you've attended before.

You can expect to be highly engaged and to PUT INTO PRACTICE everything I'm teaching you during and in between each video.

No boring lecture here!

✅ Discover the REASON people turn to food and sugar when they’re stressed

✅ Understand WHERE cravings come from

✅ Get CLEAR on the 3 steps to break the stress eating habit

✅ Build LASTING healthy eating habits

Hey, I'm Dani!

As a Sugar Freedom Coach & Speaker, I help women reshape their relationship with sugar and food once and for all!

I’m passionate about helping my clients rid themselves of sugar cravings, uncover their natural energy, connect deeper with themselves and build lasting healthy habits in a realistic and personalized way. 

I can't wait to see you soon!


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