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Break Free From Sugar Group Program - VIP Registration

The 10-week group program for women who are ready to build a healthy relationship with sugar and discover true sugar freedom for good!

It all starts September, 2020

**AS A VIP** You'll receive everything in the regular registration listed below PLUS 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Dani ($600 value) to be used at any time you need during the program.

(Regular VIP registration: $4,000 ----> Save OVER $2,200 as an early bird VIP!)

What's included in the program

  • 10 weeks of delicious whole food meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
  • 10 weekly LIVE video group coaching calls
  • A vibrant and supportive Facebook community of like minded women all on this journey with you
  • Weekly lessons, teachings, and workbooks to guide you every step of the way
  • Full support from a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach 
  • Access to the HUGE Sugar-Free Recipe Library 
  • Tips, tricks, tools, videos, favourite books, and more! 
  • BONUS group check-in call 1 month after the program ends 

PLUS....over $750 in early bird bonuses!

  • The Stress Eating Solution 6-week program ($500 value)
  • Time Saving Hacks Masterclass ($150 value)
  • 10 Best 25-Minute Dinner Recipes ($50 value)
  • Personalized Gift in the mail (surprises are priceless!)
  • Break Free From Sugar E-Cookbooks ($40 value)

If you have any questions before registering please send an email to dani@danielledaem.com


Because I'm so confident that you'll LOVE every minute of this program, I'll happily refund your FULL INVESTMENT in the first 30 days if you aren't feeling more energized and excited about your relationship with sugar. No strings attached :) 


What People Are Saying:

“I was feeling depressed, defeated, and old! I had no energy and was uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve tried every diet over the last 20 years and I always gained the weight back and felt deprived. When I first considered the program, I was hesitant because of the cost – but I now feel like it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I have my life back! Since the program, I feel like a new person! My moods have stabilized, I have much more energy, my clothes feel loose, my acid reflux is gone, and I feel better than I have in 10 years! The recipes are amazing and I’ve been able to develop new healthy habits that stuck. The best part is that I never felt deprived of anything. The program was amazing! I am now in control. I choose when I want sugar and what I want it to be. I would recommend this program to anyone – even if you do not think you have an addiction to sugar!””


“For as long as I can remember, I have had a sweet tooth and I saw nothing wrong with it … until I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. With my health and family in mind, I signed up for the Break Free from Sugar program and it was honestly the best thing I ever did. I loved the workbooks, the meal plans, and the supportive group environment. Not only do I feel healthier, stronger and more energetic but the best part is how much it benefited my family as a whole – for example, when my children now ask for a “treat”, they mean roasted chickpeas or blueberries instead of chocolate or ice cream! I highly recommend this program to anyone and my only advice would be to do it with a friend because it’s always more fun with someone you know.””


“I was involved with a fitness challenge when I first saw Dani’s post about her break free from sugar program. I was hesitant at first, partly because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it, and partly because of all of the changes I was trying to make at the same time. Upon watching her ‘what sugar does to your body’ video, I finally took the leap and signed up for the program. I am overweight, and was seriously addicted to sugar prior to the program. I found my energy was lacking throughout the run of a day, and that I would crave chocolate or other sweet treats, typically snacking on them in the afternoon and after supper. The hardest part was my mindset, in believing that I could actually make this change happen without being completely miserable. The program was amazing, and my mindset was able to shift over the course of the 8 weeks. I find myself now in control. I choose when I want sugar and what I want it to be, and continue to feel happy and enjoy life - not feeling like I am handcuffed to a way of eating. I do have more energy which is getting better with each week, I have lost some weight (~ 10 lbs), and I have a more healthy relationship with food overall - choosing more whole and natural foods and understanding the impact of that on my body. I would recommend this program to anyone - even if you do not think you have an addiction to sugar, it is surprising how much sugar is in almost every packaged food that exists, something I didn’t realize until learning the names of sugar and understanding how to read the labels. Regular, natural food tastes so much better to me now, more flavourful, and enjoyable. I find that I crave more healthy foods now making it easier to keep to a healthy diet.”