Do you indulge on snacks and sugar every night to unwind after a stressful day?
Do you struggle with sugar cravings and feeling like you're at war with food?

If you’re like most women I work with, you’ve probably been on the diet rollercoaster your whole life.

Constantly TRYING to eat healthy or give up sugar only to slip back into old patterns as soon as life throws a curveball at you.

Maybe you’ve tried “everything” to help you build healthy habits and kick sugar cravings only to be face deep in the box of cookies only 3 months later.

And even though you've been taught that you just have to reply on willpower to get through to the other side - we both know there's MUCH more to it.

We can no longer ignore the mental-emotional-physical connection that exists at the ROOT of our relationship with food. 

If you're DONE letting your emotions and fears run your life...

If you're DONE struggling to stick to a healthy lifestyle even though you're "doing all the things". 

Then it’s TIME for you, my love, to step into being an emotionally empowered woman!

Introducing the BRAND NEW Emotional Empowerment LIVE Group Program!!

Say Bye-Bye to being overwhelmed and disconnected from your body!

 đź¤Ť This way of being has kept you in the war with food and your body all these years

🤍 It’s kept you stuck on the guilt and shame rollercoaster night after night

🤍 It’s keeping you in the negative self-hate spiral 

🤍 It’s leading you to fill the void with food - causing weight gain, brain fog, and low energy

If you can relate to this... It’s OK. You didn’t know another way…



What past members had to say...


This is for YOU if you struggle with:

* Emotional Eating

* Strong cravings for carbs & sugar

* All or nothing/back and white thinking

* Guilt and negative self talk

* Feeling disconnected from your body

* Overwhelm and confusion when it comes to food

* Constant fatigue & low energy

* Using food to numb out/escape when challenges arise

* Guilt & negative self-talk

* Not trusting your body's wisdom


Real stories from real women...


"Dani's emotional eating program has been the most impactful coaching I've had yet. She makes sense of years of "trying and failing" to create healthy habits around food, and dives deep into the emotional reasons of why those cravings keep popping up.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help people create real change in their life around their relationship with food and stress. Her work has been such a gift in my life. I would highly recommend this program!" - Dianna P.

Hear from past members...


Who's Dani?

As a Sugar Freedom Expert, Breathwork Facilitator & Somatic Embodiment Coach, Dani helps women heal their relationships with sugar and food through tuning back into the wisdom of the body. Having gone through sugar addiction herself, she knows how difficult and lonely the journey can. That’s why she created the Break Free From Sugar Group Program to support women along the journey inward in a safe and supportive way that creates lasting change from the inside out.

She helps her clients rid themselves of sugar cravings, breakthrough addictive patterns, and build a deep sense of self trust and peace from within.

Dani knows exactly what it takes to navigate this confusing and toxic substance and exactly how life-changing finding sugar freedom can be! 

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