Not sure where to start when it comes to cooking healthy and sugar free meals that actually taste good?

You're not alone!

Finding true sugar-free recipes can be overwhelming and confusing which is exactly why I compiled all of my absolute favourites into two delicious cookbooks for you!

These cookbooks are designed to show you the way, inspire you, and help you take the steps towards detoxing from sugar and minimizing the amount in your life all while discovering how mouth watering it can be to eat REAL WHOLE foods!

Spring & Summer Edition



Fall & Winter Edition



"The food you eat can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison."

-Ann Wigmore

"I was obsessed with food, always snacking or feeling hungry. I was always putting food in my mouth ...Most of the time I was reaching for sugar, especially when my children were down for a nap or in bed. Since getting off of sugar and using Dani's recipes, I have more energy and feel so much more in touch with my food and health in general! "


"It is surprising how much sugar is in almost every packaged food that exists, something I didn’t realize until learning the names of sugar and understanding how to read the labels. Regular, natural food tastes so much better to me now, more flavourful, and enjoyable. I find that I crave more healthy foods now making it easier to keep to a healthy diet!"



Danielle Daem

Sugar Freedom Expert, Breathwork Facilitator & Somatic Embodiment Coach

Danielle Daem (AKA Dani) is passionate about helping women reshape their relationship with sugar so they can reclaim control over their health and energy once and for all!

Having struggled with sugar addiction herself, she knows exactly how difficult and overwhelming the journey can be. Using her extensive knowledge in nutrition, personal experience, and coaching, Dani helps her clients discover a new way of living in which sugar cravings and guilt no longer controls their health and life.


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