Break Free From Sugar Group Program [LIVE]

Uncover and heal the root causes of your sugar addiction so you can make peace with food, and yourself, for good!

Are you ready to say goodbye to sugar cravings, afternoon energy crashes, and the guilt and shame around food?
Or maybe you're ready to learn how to trust your body again, feel confident in your skin, and put an end to the fight with food?

Well... you're in the right place!

The journey to healing our relationship with sugar is one of the most empowering and life-changing journeys of our lives.

After struggling with my own journey with sugar addiction all on my own for well over 2 years, I knew I had to help others through this journey in a way that was fun and took less time!

This is exactly why I've combined the 3 pillars that I've learned over the past 6 years of guiding women to lasting sugar freedom, into one easy to follow and powerful 10-week program.

My unique process of diving into the inner work, emotional eating, reshaping beliefs, and detoxing from sugar all wrapped in a supportive, loving, and safe community is like nothing you've ever tried before - trust me.

If you're tired of investing in program after program, group after group, with nothing to show for it and you're ready to do something DIFFERENT, this is it.

This will be the LAST Program you ever need to finally create a lasting healthy relationship with sugar and yourself.

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 You’re in the right place if you struggle with:


* Afternoon energy crashes

* Strong cravings for carbs & sugar

* Tried every "diet" and nothing works

* Constant fight against food and your body

* Feeling disconnected from your body


* Unexplained stubborn weight gain

* Constant fatigue & low energy

* Feeling confused about what to eat for your body type

* Guilt & negative self-talk

* Emotional numbing and escaping


Why should I care about sugar?

It’s everywhere. In your morning cereal, in your coffee, and it's even hiding in your salad dressing. Sugar is hiding in over 80% of the foods at the grocery store and this overconsumption of this toxic substance is leading to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, weight gain, brain fog, exhaustion, gut damage, mental health issues, anxiety and more.
It's our crutch to numb out and escape our true selves and difficult emotions for centuries. No more! It's time to take back control of your health, once and for all!!

A message from past members...


What makes this program unique?

Safe Community

Build connection through our safe & trauma informed community environment.

ACTION focus

Real change happens when we take action and implement the tools we're learning!


Learn to tune back into the wisdom of your body to honour and trust what it needs.


Accountability and support to keep you focused and strong even when you're feeling unmotivated.

No Diet Products

No expensive supplements or fake gimmicks– just real nourishing food.

Delicious Recipes

Real food is delicious! Your family will be drooling over every meal ;) 


"Before I joined the Break Free From Sugar Program I was feeling depressed, defeated, and old! I had no energy and was uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve tried every diet over the last 20 years and I always gained the weight back and felt deprived. When I first considered the program, I was hesitant because of the cost – but I now feel like it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I have my life back!!

Since the program, I feel like a new person!  My moods have stabilized, I have much more energy, my clothes feel loose, my acid reflux is gone, and I feel better than I have in 10 years! The recipes are amazing and I’ve been able to develop new healthy habits that stuck. The best part is that I never felt deprived of anything.

The program was amazing! I am now in control. I choose when I want sugar and what I want it to be. I would recommend this program to anyone – even if you do not think you have an addiction to sugar!" - Gloria M.


Real stories from real women...


Who's Dani?

As a Sugar Freedom Expert, Breathwork Facilitator & Somatic Embodiment Coach, Dani helps women heal their relationships with sugar and food through tuning back into the wisdom of the body. Having gone through sugar addiction herself, she knows how difficult and lonely the journey can. That’s why she created the Break Free From Sugar Group Program to support women along the journey inward in a safe and supportive way that creates lasting change from the inside out.

She helps her clients rid themselves of sugar cravings, breakthrough addictive patterns, and build a deep sense of self trust and peace from within.

Dani knows exactly what it takes to navigate this confusing and toxic substance and exactly how life-changing finding sugar freedom can be! 

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