Discover the 3 keys to sugar freedom so you can kick sugar cravings for good...
without starving yourself!

3-Part Live Workshop

September 24th, 25th, 26th
12 PM PDT | 3 PM EDT


Ever feel like you'll NEVER be able to get control over sugar?

Maybe you've been on and off again for years now...

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been paying close attention and studying sugar and sugar addiction to better understand WHY so many people seemed to struggle on and off again with their relationship with sugar and could never quite seem to get a handle on it.

What I discovered is that most people are missing at least one of the 3 Keys that are absolutely mandatory to create lasting change with sugar.

No matter how hard they worked or tried to detox from sugar and willpower themselves to make it stick, it wouldn’t.

They would revert to old patterns and old eating habits (not to forget the toxic mentality and thoughts it would bring up) EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve tried giving up sugar in the past and it didn't last…

If you’re tired of the exhaustion and daily cravings....

If you want to put an end to the fight against food and learn to trust your body again…

This 3-day workshop series will change your whole life and help you discover true peace with food and yourself that LASTS!



Hey, I'm Dani!


As a Sugar Freedom Coach & Speaker, I help women reshape their relationship with sugar and food once and for all!

I’m passionate about helping my clients rid themselves of sugar cravings, uncover their natural energy, and ultimately step fully into their power to live the life of their dreams.

What's possible for you?

Let's find out...